American Noir Classics

A collection of hardboiled crime fiction from the author of Double Indemnity, “one of the greats of American noir” (The Guardian).

They call him Lucky—but he’s never had a lucky day in his life. A nineteen-year-old hobo just starting to ride the rails, he is hiding in the coal car when the railroad detective comes through. They get into a scuffle, and Lucky’s hand finds a railroad spike. . . .

“Dead Man” is just one of the outstanding stories in this collection by the author renowned for insightful and exciting crime stories. Hailed as a “poet of the tabloid murder” by legendary critic Edmund Wilson and a Mystery Writers of America Grand Master, James M. Cain, understood fear in all its forms—and knew better than anyone the terror of a killer on the run. This volume includes:

The Baby in the Icebox • Pay-Off Girl • Two o’Clock Blonde • The Birthday Party • Brush Fire • Coal Black • Career in C Major • Death on the Beach • Dead Man • The Girl in the Storm • Joy Ride to Glory • Pastorale • Mommy’s a Barfly • The Taking of Montfaucon • Cigarette Girl • The Robbery • Blackmail

Title: American Noir Classics
Published: 2024
Genre: Short Stories